1. The name of the Association is the Edinburgh Universities’ Officers’ Training Corps (EUOTC/E&HWUOTC/CEUOTC) Alumni Association, hereafter known as The Association.

2. The objectives of the Association are:

a. To re-unite all past members of Edinburgh’s UOTCs.

b. To organise and administer social functions open to all members of The Association.

c. To issue an annual newsletter informing members of current events and matters of interest within The Association.

d. To maintain a database of members’ names, addresses and membership information that will be available to members at the sole discretion of any two of the President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary or Treasurer.

e. To provide and further any activities of interest to The Association considered fit by the Committee, having been proposed, seconded and agreed at a Committee and/or General Meeting.


3. Until otherwise determined by the Association in a General Meeting:

a. The number of members of the Committee shall not exceed eight.

b. The positions of office within the Committee shall be as follows:

Honorary President
General Members – such that the total does not exceed that in 3a.

c. The position of Honorary President shall be held by the Honorary Colonel of CEUOTC.

d. The position of the President shall be held by the Commanding Officer of CEUOTC for the time being.

e. Each committee member shall hold the position of office for a minimum term of one year.

4. The quorum necessary for the transaction of the business of the Association by the Committee shall be four.

5. There will be a general meeting held annually for all Association members.

6. Appointment of Committee Members. The members of the Committee will be appointed at each Annual General Meeting.

7. To become a member of the Committee a member shall be proposed and seconded by two members and approved at the AGM.

8. Committee members are to give four weeks’ notice prior to the Annual General Meeting of their intention not to stand for a further term of office.

9. Notices. Any notice calling a meeting of the Committee or Special General Meeting of the members of the Association shall be written at least one week in advance of that meeting.


10. Membership of the Association is open to:

a. Any officer cadet who has served with EUOTC, E&HWUOTC or CEUOTC.

b. Territorial/Reserve officers, NCOs and ORs who are or have been posted/attached to EUOTC, E&HWUOTC or CEUOTC.

c. Regular officers, in-service degree officers, NCOs and ORs who have completed, or who are completing a tour of duty with EUOTC, E&HWUOTC or CEUOTC.


11. Subscription details are as follows:

a. The subscription will cover administrative costs of the Association excluding social events.

b. The present annual subscription is £10.00 p/a and will be reviewed from time to time at the Annual General Meeting.

c. All final year CEUOTC members will automatically become members of the Association without subscription for their final year at the CEUOTC and for the subsequent 12 month period.

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